We are a full and tailor-made production service for photo shoots, video, and events,
thanks to a flexible, thoughtful and unique approach to every project.

From the smallest to the highest budget, we want to fulfill any project you may have in your mind.
Our goal is to make it easier, glamorous and bigger than life.

“We want to do beautiful things even if nobody cares”
Saul Bass

Our Mission

Telling, Motivating, Thrilling


Our work is not only a mission but also our way of life.
With us, our clients always experience a solid creativity based on research; executed by a team of professionals working together harmoniously.

For us every project is unique, meaning that each day is a new challenge, never the same but always different. Every project is a new story waiting to be told.


High equipment & production Value

Technique, Storytelling, Professionalism


This combination aligned with the attention to every detail is what lifts the value of our production services.
We set no limits to our work so that together with our clients we create the necessary teamwork to meet all the needs of each project.
As a result, every one of our productions distinguishes itself.


Unique Full Production Services

Talent, Services, Advantage


We have been working for more than 30 years in video, photography and organising events.
This has taught us to follow our clients step by step when developing their projects offering a complete full service.
From finding the ideal locations and preparing every detail in pre-production. Everything we do is done at 360°.
We cover every eventuality, from budget management, location scouting, casting, set building, custom tailored crews to travel and accommodation.


Creative Point of View

Research, Trends & New Styles


Our close involvement with the best talents in art, fashion, design and photography means we are always up to date with all the new creative trends whether in Italy or internationally.

Being aware of the latest talents and their work means we are always able to provide something extra to everything we do. Last but not least our most treasured added value is that of being Italian in a world of design.



Lupetta/5, not for all

Exclusivity, Uniqueness, Tailor made


We love our work and always ready to be bold and are always on the lookout for new creative solutions providing tailor made productions for video or stills. Our vast location data base is one of the largest in Italy with an archive of more than 10,000 locations, most of them exclusive to us.

We never stop; every project stimulates us and we are always looking for new things to offer.
“Right now we are looking for the impossible”.


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